Thursday, May 29, 2014

Busy day ....

Today was a busy day, fun and interesting but busy. 

Charlie and I had the baby, and for the first time it was nice outside so we could take him for a walk.  It's been years since I've pushed a stroller, I won't say how long but both my kids are around thirty.  

We stopped at a wonderful garage sale going on around the block.  It was hosted by a friendly smiling women that is moving and needing to downsize.  

It's so nice for us to meet and talk to other retired adults that are making decisions about their lifestyle.  You would be surprised at the amount of material you have to let go of to be in a position to snowbird for the winters.  

This lady had the most amazing attitude about her past life as a homemaker and was now moving on to a new life as a single women, and not wanting the responsibility of a huge home and empty nest. 

She is a great example of someone that had invested a good portion of her life to her children, saw them grown and independent, and now is ready to go live the rest of her life exploring her personal interests. 

She even shared some of her rhubarb with me, she had a patch that I could only dream of having. 

You never know how life is going to go, but sharing your personal story with random people can bless someone and you may never know it.  She blessed me by showing a healthy attitude about growing older and knowing your children have lives of their own and, it's a good thing. 

Lunch by the lake. 


How To Get Flexible

You want to know how to get flexible and fit at the same time (without getting down on the floor)?

You will feel a lot more toned and trim. Your heart will thank you for the cardio workout. 

What do I need to do, you ask?  

You got it my all time favorite.... Hula hooping.  It puts a smile on you face, can be done to your favorite music, and, best of all you can do it alone, and inside if you have an 8 ft square of unobstructed space. 

I hear you;  that's only for skinny young girls!  No! It's not!  Maby we will never preforme like some of the  YouTube video girls, but I have just as much fun and feel better about myself when I'm done.  

They say if you can walk (without a walker) you can hoop.  I'm sure there are some limiting conditions , but honestly a simple spinning of the hoop on you waist probably won't put you in traction. 

Mostly it's just fun and a good cardio, I dropped 2 dress sizes in 2 months so I know it dose something, and I only did 15 mins a day 4 days a week.  

I would love helping you get started in hooping. If you are interested in attending a workshop, this is what we will do during the workshop:

1, I will make you a performance grade hula hoop sized for your body type, and height to take home when you leave. 
2, I will get you started hooping, trust me you will be keeping the hoop up when we are done. 
3, you will receive handout information on hooping and health benefits and some info on good    YouTube videos that can help you learn tricks if that's you goal. 

What you will do:
1, set out 2 hours of your time to attend a workshop with me. 
2, bring one roll of your favorite color or print duct tape, it's great if your hoop reflects your personality, so be creative. 
3, you will learn to wrap your hoop so if in the future you want to make another on your own you can. 
4, I'm asking for a donation of $15.00, that includes everything we talked about here. 
5, Best of all you will leave knowing how to hoop. (So if you have never been able to hoop nows your chance to redeem your self) 

If you can carve out two hours of your time, get at least 4 people together, I will come to your place and we will have a blast!  Trust me it's a lot of fun!!! 

Drop me an email with questions and your phone number and I will call you, so we can work out a day and time that works for you. 

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Project Day Again

Back at it again today, actually it's been going on since Monday.  I have a goal to knit socks in the round on double pointed needles.  
HA! It's much harder than I thought, actually not the knitting them, but manuplitating the needles while putting on the ribbing.  

I started and hit a wall, I couldn't remember which way to connect the rounds and some other general things- so the long and the short of it is, I unravelled it all, went to YouTube for refresher lessons on Norwegian purling and knitting in the round on double pointed needles.  Thank God for YouTube! 

Here is the practice refresher project I did today, to warm me up for the "real project".

My other big adventure I'm working on is vintage embrodery.  A friend from Florida, who lives in Kentucky off season sent me a craft book with patterns in it.  It addressed an issue I was interested in ,the tinting of fabric before embroidering on it.  The effect is extremely pretty, makes the embrodery really pop.  So I practiced on a small sample peice, and am totally in love with the technique.  Crayons! Can you believe it, something so simple.  I'm in love. 

Here is the transfer to be ironed onto the fabric. I used a photo copy of the design and traced it with the special iron on pencil. 

This is what it looked like after I placed the color on it, here are my thread color choices. 

This is not the best pic, and yes I still have to do the leaves, but once this is flattened and stretched, what a wonderful little peice of art.  Mostly it adds color and I LOVE color !!!!

All this craftyness made me hungry. NO, I did not eat the whole half myself. I had scooped out that half and refrigerated it, I was just cleaning up the rest. I love watermelon. 

Phew..... Time for a nap. 



Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Friends with Chicks

What a nice day. It was supposed to rain but not a drop fell, it was even sunny and warm.  

I had to make a run to the drugstore in my old town, so I swung by my friends house on the way home.  She is the friend with the chicken castle. 

 Well, today I got to see the new chicks actually in the castle.  I helped her move them up from nursery into Jr High, figuratively speaking anyway.   

They were in a smaller container and I helped her take them out and give them about half of the full floor space.   They were thrilled, take my word for it, I could just tell.  They don't look thrilled in this pic because we were standing right over them, they are nervous and camera shy, when we peeked in the side window they were all spread out relaxing.  

 It's probably a good thing she did upgrade them, we found one of the poor dears bloody and pecked at.  Being in too tight quarters can make even chickens testy.  
Here Hilary is getting a lid to put grain on for the beat up one.  She made a "hospital" box for her with a private lamp, feed, water and comfy shavings. I mean really what more could the little peep want? No! Cable and phone service is out. 

It was such a pleasure to putter around with chickens again.  In my other life I always had a couple dozen or so running around the place, so this little dip into the chickeny past was nice.  

Awe...... Friends with Chicks, "Its a good thing".



Monday, May 26, 2014

Where Did The Day Go

What a fast three days we just had.  I'm not a big holiday celebrator, I know that's strange, I'm just not into hoop-la kind of things.  

Saturday was a sweet and sour day for Charlie and I.   We sold our camper to a nice couple and Charlie delivered it in the morrning.  We were sad to see it go, but we knew you can only have so many homes, and right now Florida and lake George are enough.  We do still have our wonderful vacation memories of camping the last three summers. 

Oh- good by sweet camper. 

At least on Saturday we got to go see the little man and his mother.  That's always a treat. 

Really!  Is it even legal to look that cool? 

Here he is with his Poppy enjoying the grass. 

Only 5mos and already so wide eyed and attentive. I think they should have had matching shirts on, the blue is just striking, I've got to coordinate these photo shoots better! LOL

we visited friends after and I was so taken with her flower bed, the paver path, and the way it wound around the end of her home, so cozy and lush. 

I had been looking at some images of, P. Allen Smiths Moss Mountain Farm on the internet earlier this week.  When I saw my friends walkway I felt like I was at Moss farm.  She really captured the feel of a wandering garden path. 

Today I went to my brothers for a family gathering.  We enjoyed quiet conversation, picnic food and lawn games.  I watched, the mood was so peaceful I couldn't bring myself to brake the spell.  My brother and his wife had some work done on their pool patio area.   They extended the space and added a gazebo and fire pit.  I really like the feel it gave the whole area, very restful and relaxed. 

Well,  I hope all of you had a nice holiday either busy or quiet.  The most important part is "We made it through".  YEAH!    On to the next Holiday!!!!! 


Friday, May 23, 2014

Mason Jar Madness

Sometimes I'm just amazed at how fast manufactures can produce a product in response to customer trends. Today,  I had a few extra moments to paruse the housewares isle at my fave store, don't shoot me.  Yes, it's Walmart.  

If you have noticed in the last six months to a year Pinterest has had a lot of canning jar ideas.  Well, I guess the ball company has a Pinterest account too.  

They had these lids for putting on your canning jars and securing with your own metal ring, four in a package with nice hard plastic reusable (BPA free) straws, WOW.  
I didn't buy any of course (can you hear me cheeply squeaking ?) I have punched holes in my tops with a nail and have been using them for years.  But, aren't these snazzy !!!  Only about 5$.  If your nervous around hammers and nails they would really be worth it.  

And check these out!!! I love, love, love them!!!!!  They had this package with the jars for the price showing on yellow sticker.   They were smart and were also selling two tops separately for around 1.50$ , pic below. 

I love canning jars they are the answer to everything, especially if you shudder at the thought of storeing your food in plastic containers as I do.  

I would buy these caps above.   The plastic is only on the lid and the price for the caps alone is good considering you have a flip open top and it seals tight.  

I am visualizing all sorts of applications, cinnamon and sugar, homemade flavored salt, my home dried herbs, I could go on and on.   Oh sweet dreams.     

In my home I use the jars for all sorts of things every day.  I put leftovers in them, lunch for work, dried food in the bigger ones ( ant proof) not to mention we drink out of them.  By using your jars in such a way you can save storage space because your drinking jar shelf is your storage jar shelf also.  YES, YES !

I hate to admit it but all this food talk is making me hungry, gotta go.



Thursday, May 22, 2014

A Little Gardening

Getting a little done in my garden the other day, it seems like forever since I've worked in them.  

Just a quick post to show you some shots of my activities. 

Planted six lettuce plants in the end of the raised bed, I actually could use six more and some arugula. 

Under the rock and blue lid is my current experiment.  

You who know me are familiar with my love of worm farming.  I've keep worms for the past five years indoors off and on.  I even had a great batch of them going strong for a year in one of my apartments, I loved it! 

Since Charlie and I like to travel worm farming is not really practicle so I saw this method on the internet.  Using a bucket or the like with holes in the bottom, you place your food scraps into it and let the worms come up and eat the scraps.  I'm so excited to see if it works, I will keep you posted through the summer.  Now you know why the heavy rock is on the lid, NO DUMPSTER DIVING! 

This is my raspberry bed, it needs attention but I love looking at it anyway.  It's funny how you can see way more weeds in a picture than you can in real life, guess you know what I'll be doing tomorrow. 

Here's the whole layout of the backyard beds, the bed to the front with the pedestal has herbs in it, lots of different kinds, I like the the cottage garden busy look- oh! You couldn't tell ?  LOL 

 I have front yard ares also but I haven't started them yet. 

Well off I go, it was a cloudy rainy day, I'm still sleepy so ......... 


Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Project Day

I woke up with project brain.  You know the feeling, all itchy to jump into or get going on new projects, actually it hasn't happened to me I quiet awhile so - giddy- up!  I'm going for it.  

I wanted to be home at noon, so I took my shower and organized myself enough to get out the door by 10:45- hey I'm trying. 

I wanted to hit the Salvation Army before the real hardcore hunters got there.  Sure, I should have been waiting at the door at 9:00 when it opened.  No matter, I still found 2 great finds.  It made the trip worth while. 

Up north here I have pretty much given up on finding any deals on thrift clothes after being in FL where they KNOW what a deal is.  So I go for fabric.  I've been embroidering and found some linen last week and hoped to be as lucky today, nope on that.  But, I did find some awesome cream colored rough textured Cotten that had just the right look for the background of my sewing.  And, I lucked out on the perfect Christmas red, long wool skirt for rug hooking, YEAH!  

This is the red skirt after I washed it and ripped all the seems out, to prepare to cut into strips.  The color is so vibrant my iPhone had a hard time catching it correctly. 

And here is the course Cotten fabric all washed and deconstructed. You can see the rings on the table, the panels must have been kitchen curtains.  I can't wait to start a project with them. At least I won't have to go to the Salvation Army for awhile with this stash waiting for me.  

This isn't the best picture, I know.  I have become hooked on this stuff.  I started using it in Florida, Charlie is allergic to certain purfumes and most fabric soaps and softners are way to strong for him. The magic of thes little sweeties is that you add the amount you want.  I have a very good nose so only a little needed, Charlie dose not even smell it but I do and it makes me happy.  Win, Win.  So you know how the above fabric now smells after a wash in this. 

I'm just chomping at the bit to get started on that fabric so I will let you go and get busy. 


Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Time For Pie

Its that time again. You know- pie season!  

I love baking pie, but you know, the price of store purchessed fruit makes it not very pratical to put into pie.  But, when you can get fruit for free, then your talking my language. 

Two years ago I put a few plants in the front of the house where I thought they would do well, all day sun and close to the hose for water.  I only picked a few last year, patiently holding back to let the plants get good and strong.  Well this will be the year, pie, pie, pie. 

Each of the plants has a story, I'll save that for another time.  Trust me they are treated like tender children, so you know they were given to a good home.

 Rhubarb is sacred to me, I have a childhood connection to it and have nurtured the love of it into my adulthood. 

And, the pie commences. 

Rosie red stalks, ooohhhhh...... I can taste it already. 

The crust is the string that connects me to my heritage.   My mom is an excellent pie and crust baker, luckily she has shared that with me, and when I make a crust she is with me. 

But, today I got an (Alice) idea.  If I'm only going to make a single crust why not just mix all the ingredients together in the pie dish ( I have given away pies already this year, so am out of traditional pans) and then just massage the crust into place, as long as you don't play with it to much it should save a lot of cleaning-YES! 

I also discovered something in Florida, when it comes to mixing the crisco with the flour and salt why not use a potato masher? Another YES! It is the best!  Here I only had a bean masher, but it worked fine, it will give me a garage sale hunting target. 

My pie is a French custard, so for me the crumble on top turns out different every time usually due to my overlooking something. Today it was gloopy  (it should never be gloopy) because when I measured the brown sugar I didn't see the water in the bottom of the cup I had used in the crust recipe.  This is where Charlie would say "put your glasses on". 

Oh well, gives the crust character, in the end it did work out ok.  Check it out here. 


Yes, I dare say that piece was scrumptious!!!! 

Maybe I'll have another......


Monday, May 19, 2014

Taken A Ride

Took a rest over the weekend, sorry there were no posts. I've actually got to get myself into a routine, because as you can see I'm very random. 

Sunday was an old fashioned "take a ride day" so we headed north to Charlie's old stomping grounds. I enjoy having him show me around where he spent his teenage summers.  He knows all the roads and I feel totally lost.  He took me to a cozy little store and bought us sandwiches, it was fun. 

 His parents owned a campground in Adirondack NY.  This is where he learned his incredible cleaning skills, I should have worked at that camp, but it's not good to have two people in the same family good at the same thing, I'll stick to cooking. 

We stopped by the property he has up there also. It is so pretty. It used to be part of his parents camp property, I love the location and have often thought about living there.  Then I remember, NO CELL RECEPTION !! And Walmart is a good 45mins away !!!

Nope I could never really live there. But boy is it pretty, a year around brook, and an incredible view of a mountain with no obstructions.  He's actually selling it,  so we check on it once in awhile to make sure all is well, I enjoy the visits anyway. 

The brook is right in front of where Charlie is standing. 

Looking away from the brook, there is a trailer in between, it was used as a camp. 

Is this wild?  I'm sure that woodpecker has a headache. 

We'll I hope you enjoyed the trip.  And, I will truly try to keep a routine and get my posts out on time. 


Friday, May 16, 2014

A Day Out

The hermit left the hut today, that's me. LOL

I needed it deliver the Mother's Day cookies to Argyle and treet myself to a visit with my dear friend Martha Stewart.

  NO, I mean Hilary, over at Crazy As A Loom.  She could have been a Martha Stewart, but was too busy raising 3 beautiful daughters, and developing  her own independent style.  She is an accomplished weaver and master of all things creative and tricky.  Check her blog out at- , she is my idol. 

Here she is with her trusty sidekick lois, notice the cat, Hilary loves her cats! (So don't fuss because they are on the counter.)

This was taken in her weaving studio kitchen, is this a cozy scene or what???

Check out this Cadillac chicken coop, she has chicks coming next week, I can't wait to watch them grow up. 


Opposite the chicken coop is her cute little garden. 

She also has pernals growing all around her home, and old shrubs relevant to the age of the pre civil war studio she works in.  I'm sorry I did not take more pics of the grounds, she even has a labyrinth in a quiet side yard that she designed herself.  I'm in awe of her vision for the life she wants to live, and the energy to bring it to fruitation.

We'll I'm sure your tired of me gushing, but Hilary is a marvel.  

So off to Argyle I went smiling and feeling good with my "Hilary fix" aahhhh! 


Thursday, May 15, 2014

I Got My Streets Tangled!

Yesterday I told you that the Fox and The Chicken Coop, was located on Bay and Sanford. WRONG. It's RIDGE and Sanford. 

Sorry I get those two  streets mixed up. Hope nobody got lost.  The store is right by Stewarts and the (old) Time Warrner Cable office. 

The place is truly worth the trip! 


Thread and Diapers

I had the most wonderful day!   

Nothing like a cozy day at home, with drizzle and clouds outside. 

Charlie and I had Noah today, he is a cheerful, sweet, easygoing boy with a quiet sensitive spirit.  I hope he never changes. 

Here he is enjoying life. 

I spent the morrning baking my mom her late Mother's Day gift of biscotti.  Don't shoot me - I forgot to take pictures of them. I ended up with five bags of four all half dipped in chocolate. I have to say they look good, all packed and waiting in the frig. 

The other project with thread- simple embrodery.  I'm trying out different methods to achieve a look I am going for that is very vintage.  For this test run I did an old style kitten motif.  I personally love the style, but am looking for house scenes as my target, all in time. 

Not too bad for a first try. 

Here is my stash so far, I'm a nut for all the doo dads of a craft, it completely clashes with my minimalist lifestyle. I guess we all have our vices.  

I just love the word Martha Stuart uses for all the tools of a craft, makes it feel special not clutterly - achuamom.  Doesn't that sound awesome? Makes me want to go out and get more of it. - 
Rule#1, it must fit within the confines of the box. ( I have to have some limits.)

Well off I go, I think I'm going  to start living my life like Noah, and be in the moment and happy, although I will continue to remain potty trained it's cheaper. 


Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Check This Place Out !

I met my daughter for lunch today, but befor I did I made a little detour to a shop I have been wanting to visit all winter.  I saw if on Facebook last fall and couldn't wait to check it out when I got back up north. 

It's on the corner of Sanford and Bay. 
If your into pintrest and creative reuse, this place has your name on it ! 

I had a hard time deciding what to get, there were so many wonderful things.

The selection is beyond imagination, all priced sensibly, which really appels to the cheapie in me. 

I remembered Charlie wanted coasters for our side tables and they had some nice sets with map segments from our area in NY. 

Aren't they perfect !  Only $6.00, set of four, they are marble with felt feet. 

Oh Yes!  Lunch was wonderful, food always tastes  great with good company. 


Monday, May 12, 2014

Bedraggled - Yup Thats Me

I'm really having a hard time getting into the groove of living "up north."   I've got to get a routine going and it's just not happening so far.   

What I did before when I got in this slump was make a list when I first get up in the morrning and write down expectations I had for myself that day, nothing mind shattering but things to keep me on track. 

An example would be, hula hoop 30 min , walk or ride my bike 2 miles, contact someone and maybe write 1000 words.  It really got me going and jump started my day, guess I need to do it again. 

Charlie exhausted me today.  He raked the side of the house, front lawn, flower beds and removed all the dirt from our driveway!  He's trying to wear me out just watching him. 

I helped very little, yard work is not my thing, poking in the dirt is as far as I go. (We won't get into my dislike of real estate maintaince.)  But, I did bring drinks and nutritional sustenance to him, and of course nag him to stop and come in every once in awhile  - really, isn't that what June Cleaver would do.   

He did a wonderful job, here's the pic, check out all the leaves he raked down to the street! 

Sparkle has the right idea on a hot day- just lay down an relax she's my mentor. 

Well off I go, I have to recover from all that hard work Charlie did. 


Saturday, May 10, 2014

Spring In New York

Today was a classic spring day in NY, sun, big puffy clouds, and lots of wind.  

I decided I better get with the routine of walking so that's what I did, shocked myself and did a big loop. I did the same loop befor Florida and totally exhausted myself, today I hardly felt a thing - I'm in much better shape than when I left! Yeah. 

Here are some things I saw on my walk. 

The new road down by the lake - notice the puffy clouds, so pretty. 

Coming from such green in Florida I have a mental adjustment remembering spring is just starting here. 

Trees are just leafing out- if that's a word. 
I feel like I came home just in time to watch the introduction to spring. 

I love the view down this street, You can see all the way to the lake, it's my view when I walk to the grocery store. 

Well time to sit and relax, with a little knitting of course, I've decided it's my meditation, when I'm knitting dishcloths, any other knitting is mental excersize. 

Bye.....,knit, knit, knit.......