Friday, October 31, 2014

Halloween in Florida

What a great evening we had. 
We went to the, New Symerna Canale St Trick Or Treat Fest. 

Down here in Florida you don't have to worry if you will be warm enough to go treating.  You have to make sure it's not to warm in your coustume making you faint while begging for candy. 

They had the whole street blocked off and it was filled with food trucks like this one. 

Charlie had a geyro at a Greek truck, I had Parmesan Fries at a fri truck and we shared an Italian ice!!

The stores on the street were all open for the little trick or treaters to get candy. 

They also had coustume judging, so many excellant coustmes ; but I think the frozen girl should have won !  Right from my favorite show- Once Upon A Time. 

Well good by for now - here's our coustume- 

Awe! You guessed it! 
 Yes, we were shadows. 

Hope your Halloween was super spooky. 

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Readers are Leaders

Yes! I truly believe that children who grow up reading or at least enjoy looking at books and printed material will excel in life. 

Down here in Florida the first thing I did was get a library card.  I was very excited and worked hard getting documentation to have a "resident" card.  I love libraries. 

I've been going to the library regularly since I was a child it was a treat when I was young and is still a treat for me now. 

Port Orange has a wonderful library. It's located in the city center which is a property complex of its own, with all the municipal offices, recreation center and YMCA all on about 10 acres beautifully positioned around pond with a walking path. 

Inside is modern and friendly. 

With lots of activities for families and residents of PO.  When I was there Wednesday they were having a Halloween parade for preschoolers, I kid (no pun intended) you not there were at least 50 children! It was cute and reminded me of my children's childhood.  Blurry but you get the point. 

They must have some pretty hard core addicted readers here in Port Orange  because they actually have a book/DVD vending machine outside the front doors!!!!! So if you finish that last book in the middle of the night FEAR NOT! You can drive up, pop out of your car pick a selection, slide your card and  be off with your next read in a matter of moments. Quicker than coffee at McDonalds. 

Well off I go now to work on my own, read. 

Wednesday, October 29, 2014


Here is my snippet ✂️

I'm craving pancakes that "i" have not made. 

By... I'm of to dream of pancakes. 

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Sort and Organize

Phew! You don't realize all the little this and that's you have until you either try to find it or organize it somehow. 

I have a lot of interests so that makes a lot of piles.  Just ask Charlie, my minimalism gets a little shaky when it comes to my hobbies. 

I spent 2 hrs yesterday morrning organizing my "stuff" 

I keep my general needs in a suitcase you can close it and none of the containers will open - very Tidy. I put things like siccisors, glue, paint, sewing supplies, jewelry making needs and some finished paper projects. 

Here is my quick box, I put all the paper decorations and postcards in here. 

And the very coolest thing is this thrift store find that holds all the paper doodads that I have. 

Washi tape, markers, colored pencils, hole punch, funny siccisors, more glue the list is long.  But how cool is that bag I can see everything and it zips and goes. Love It!!!! 

Well now you know my dark cluttered side, and let's not even talk about knitting, don't judge me - I try to keep a handle on it, LOL

By, time to go count my knitting needles!!

Monday, October 27, 2014

Dear Mark,

Thanks for asking, yes we had a wonderful weekend. 

On Saturday morrning  Charlie went to the clubhouse and helped set up for the Halloween party that we would be going to that evening. 

After that we went and did some errands and came back home for a little nap. When we got up I went to Walmart and bought some groceries to make the finger food dish that we needed to bring to the party. 

I made crab ragoons, like the ones they have at the Chinese restaurant.  Wonton wrappers filled with a mix of crab meat, cream cheese and various seasonings, and baked in the oven - very yummy. 
Here's the Google pic. 

Here we are at the party, needless to say we had a very good time, danced and hooted it up more than my usual.  I was a fortune teller and Charlie was Betty boop.  
He shopped and picked out his own coustume, and BRA (he actually had two other women at the thrift store help him get the right size) I can just imagin the whole thing - he's the sweetest "nut" I've ever know. 

(I think he was liking that bra just a little too much)

Sunday was beautiful and pleasant. We went to church out to Casadaga and were so tired - we didn't get to sleep until after 12:00 the night before. 

After church we drove back home picking up the Sunday paper and  bananas at Walmart.

Yup, that's right time for a nap! LOL - bet you saw that coming. 

After the nap I heated up some left over goulash packed it in a bag with bowls, crackers, apples and some nice cold water.   We jumped in the car and headed to the beach ate dinner watching the waves, reading and just plain chilling out. 
        (Check out that hair! I have a Crammer going on)

What a great way to end the weekend. 

Well Mark as you can see it WAS a great weekend - thanks for asking, I hope your weekend was just as brilliant!!! 


Friday, October 24, 2014

Sand & Surf

Wow ....what wonderful weather we have been having. 

 Ok- knock on wood! 
I don't want all those northerners to send me dreadful weather LOL

Today I actually went to the clubhouse pool, sunned and swam. 
I'm not a poolside hanger outer, but today not a soul was there and the water was pleasantly warm, much to my surprise. I was braced up for the worst but so happy it was nice (Big smile here). 

Sorry no pic (Sad face here). 

But here are some pics of me at the ocean-

 With my surfbord- used for body surfing,

in our sun tenty thing

and a goodnight shot of the sunset on Ponce Inlet.  

So....goodbye again - till tomorrow. 

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Random Pics

Here are a couple of random pics. 

I am having problems with my mail and pics hopefully tomorrow will be a better day. 

This was a picture I tried to take of a hawk in the pine tree - Yah I know you can't see him.  But, it is a cool pic of the sky.  

Here is a happy pic of a mail haul surprise yesterday from my daughter Victoire, she totally surprised me with all these pretty gifts. I was gifted with this envie filled with a pretty card and awesome vintage postcards of the NY 1939 worlds fair !  And one from Warrensburgh ny right next to our home town of Lake George.!!!  A happy shout out to travis - thanks!

By for now - let's hope I get the yahoo mail figured out. 

Check back here:
Onedirtland = Wonderland/ if you say it fast. 
 If you say it slow it just means we all live on the same planet and want the same thing = to be happy.  

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Out & About

Yum Yum.... We have the most awesome Chinese buffet here in Daytona, right off International Speedway Blvd. 

But to call it a Chineese restaurant would be selling it wayyyyy to short.  

The name is officially "Habachi Grill & Supreme Buffett" and it truly is that SUPREME!  It is our best discovery down here so far .  
This place has everything from soup to nuts..But, you say-  they all do.  

This restaurant also has fresh made sushi - personal order Habachi that you watch them make to order, carved roast meats and a full desert bar!!!!  All You Can Eat!!!! 

The atmosphere is perfect quiet, good lighting, fancy oriental furniture and decorating, tasteful not tacky. 

Check me out at the beginning :

Take a look at the food area! 

And there is another set of servers to the left of those shown.  AND, a double sided long display running lengthwise along the extreme left of those shown.  MY MY MY!!!! 

Charlie and I got our money's worth tonight - where is that baking soda? 

That's all we left behind...... so good. 

By for now, I have to go nurse my stomach. 

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Onedirtland = Wonderland/ if you say it fast. 
 If you say it slow it just means we all live on the same planet and want the same thing = to be happy.  

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

AAH.... Pens and Paper

I got the greatest gift for my birthday!  My wonderful husband gave me money and we went on Amazon - What was the wonderful thing you ask? 

Well amongst other sweet things he ordered me a REAL "Lamy" fountain pen with a refillable cartridge!!!!! 

What a Gem!  It writes like a breeze, almost as fast as a computer.  The ink just flows and not a bit of pressure is needed to make your mark. 

Well....... and to accommodate the infinite number of pages that can be filled easily and effortlessly I also made some tinted air paper so mail will remain with in a single stamp fee. 

Here is my Lamy, charcoal Safari fountain pen (it even has a regal name) 
She's a beauty. 

And for the refillable cartridge - you can do it with out a mess or drop lost.  Notice the black part in the middle of the clear tube, that is the plunger, it's operated by turning the Orange stick like top - so just dip it in twist and go!!! Simple....

And don't drool---- here is my wonderful tinted air (tracing) paper.  It's not ironed yet but when it is its smooth as silk, but still has enough tooth to write nicely. 

Well that's it for today.  If fountain pens are an interest to you look them up on YouTube, there are lots of great tutorials and reviews, I spent lots of time considering my choice so check them out if you are the least bit curious. 

Buy for now......

Ps, I am not compensated buy Lamy in any way for this post, I just have a personal enjoyment of their product and wanted to share it with you. 

Monday, October 20, 2014

Snail Mail

Here I am back again. 

Sorry I've been so long without writing, but let's start her up again. 

Lately my intrest has been absorbed in snail mail, I'm totally smitten with it and usually work on one project or another for it every day. 

I love working with paper things and mail is my heart throb since childhood. Thanks to my mom and the summer weekly reader subscriptions she signed us up for as children.  

I'm in Postcrossings and Swapbot. These are sites on the internet that bring together people who want to swap postcards letters and art projects.  Nothing could be more up my alley than this. 

Here is a sample of decorated letters. 

And here is an art project called an ATC. 

I've mailed 6 envelops in the last 5 days - I'm on a roll! 

Yes, we are once again in Florida, I just love it! 

Stay tuned I'm determined to be more regular here at : 

Onedirtland = Wonderland/ if you say it fast. 
If you say it slow it just means we all live on the same planet and want the same thing = to be happy. 

 By for now