Thursday, January 29, 2015

Estate Day

Yup! First estate sale of the season and my was it a doozy!

It started at 8 o'clock and they were passing out numbers. 
 We did not get there until 11 o'clock and some people had been waiting since 10 o'clock!  It was hysterical I've never had to wait to get into a house to look at other people stuff before in my life ha ha!!

Here are our numbers. 

And they weren't 44. 

The line. 

Once we got inside it was worth it. 

A mother and daughter had lived in the house together the mother got married and the daughter and she decided they would just leave the stuff and move out, and have an estate sale. 

I felt a lot better after I learned the story. Because, at first glance it looked like the people had just up and died and I felt a little morbid going through their stuff ,but knowing they wanted us to made me feel much better!

They collected doll stuff - need I say more? 

Seriously a lot of collecting, but it will pay off for them to sell it.  They must have moved into a "Tiny House" to leave so much behind LOL. 

I did buy some nice things for our house, no doll stuff, I have enough of my own !!!

See yah. 

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

A Bike & A Burger

A photo glimpse of my day. 

Ride to the library, against the wind of course, Gods way of kicking up my workout LOL. 

I'm trying to warm up in the sun, it's not working. 

Saw a few little friends on the way home, so I just had to stop and take a pic. They didn't seem to care. 

After our siesta, we were off to do some thrifting. 

On our way home we decided to try the Steak and Shake restaurant here.  

I guess they have been around since the thirties?

Boy were they good! And the shake was unbelievable !!!!  Charlie got strawberry banana, it had real fresh strawberries and bananas in it!!! WOW!! 

A great day all the way around!! 

Se ya. 

Monday, January 26, 2015

Dear Mark,

For those of you that are new here. This post is called Dear Mark in reference to a letter that would be sent to him.  

This will  satisfy and answer his ever curious inquisitive mind as to what I do on the weekends. 

Saturday I took a bike ride to ridge wood road, it's a long ride(45min). There is a dollar General store there that I really wanted to go to. 

I cut through Reed Canale Park, it was really windy but pretty! 

Here is the Canale. 

They have a cute little bridge that goes over it. 

When I got back 2 hrs later Charlie and I took a siesta.  No more naps! Siestas for us from now on. 

This is what I saw. 

Later that day we went shopping and Charlie bought chicken and barbecued it for us! YUM!!!

Here's the meal. The red stuff is ketchup on my mashed potatoes. 

Sun day was the regular routine- church and a slow quiet afternoon. 


Friday, January 23, 2015

Rolex 24

That's big news in our town. 
Saturday and Sunday for 24 hrs they will be racing at the speedway.  
Not that any of us locals could forget, it's all we will hear.  
But, it is interesting. In a round and round kinda way. LOL

We drove over to international dr for dinner.  I must have had a filter on these shots looks like I took them in the 70s. 

You can see part of the bleachers from a back road. 

They have lots of construction going on. 

This was on our way home - you can see the race notice. 

Tonight we are supposed to get a storm we've been waiting all day for rain, if it doesn't come I'll have to use the hose tomorrow. 

See yah. 

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Writing Day

Not much to tell today.  I spent quite a bit of time catching up on my pen pal letters. 

One is not there, but three went out today, phew!  I was glad to finally get caught up. 


Monday, January 19, 2015

Dear Mark,

What a great relaxing weekend I had. 

First of all some of the seeds are sprouting :


Lettuce, and if you look really close in the upper center you will see a little lizard, his tail is short must have had a close call with the turkey. 

I listened to some old "Besse Smith" music and enjoyed a cigar- complements of my brother David.  He of course was also enjoying a cigar at the TOP of the United States on the coast of Maine, above Bar Harbor - we have the US east coast covered. LOL

Here he is, and if you look close he's smoking a "Sons of Aranchy" cigar!  Where does he get these things???  I'm so out of the loop, but my cigar was a "Diesel" nothing to sneez at. 

To top off the weekend we bought some excellent cheep gas, Whoot Whoot!!!! 

Good chatting- stay safe. 

Thursday, January 15, 2015

A Blustery Day

Today we took a drive down to New Symerna To chech out their thrift store and beaches. 

The thrift store was nice but the furniture was expensive. We are sorta looking for a small piece to go in the living room for an end table storage unit. 

So, on to the beach, just to check it out.

These guys looked....

    The way I felt. 


It was very windy, and I think the wind was blowing straight down from New York!!!!

So we took our cue from the birds.......

And left for home!!!


Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Did You Miss Me?

I've been busy with projects some I can show some I can't. 

Here they are,

The ones I can show. 


After, crazy right?  This was a lot of fun! Lots of coloring though. 

Made some dividers for my Filofax personal size, what a "Happy" pic. 

These are my CRAZY new go to pens!!! 
 I'm obsessed with them and they are super cheap! $1.59 at Walmart.  They are smooth, thick and as they say, " Extra Bold" Love them!!!

And.........finally I received my Coletto barrel that the inserts go in I waited a month, they came from Japan.  But, sadly to late, for I have fallen helplessly in love with before mentioned Bic Bold pens. 

Maybe my Bic obsession will pass but until then Poor Coletto will have to wait in the wings.  

True love waits for no Pen.  

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Welcome to St. Augustine Florida

Yesterday was a wonderful day in St. Augustine with two good friends to walk around and enjoy all the historic sites. 

It was actually nice and sunny rather warm, isn't this picture kind of creepy looking a great intro. 

These next pictures were taken at the official St. Augustine visitor center.  It's a very nice building and inside they had a temporary display of historic St. Augustine now and then displaying  pictures painted back in the 1600s and current photos today. 

Don't I look like I'm standing out doors in front of a long hallway?

It's a life-size picture and if you position yourself just right in front of that frame in the center,  you look just like you're outside. 

HEY!!! Look who Charlie ran into. 
This was a display at Potters wax museum.  The interesting part was the last name of the couple that we were with is "Potter" so we had to peek inside. 

We met some very solid looking characters.  I think Charlie is blessing them. 

Saw some wonderfully old buildings. 

Looked at interesting art in a modern museum.

Then went home, stopping on the way for a really good fish dinner. 

Needless to say today was a day of rest especially for my sore feet. 

See ya. 

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Trying Again

Sorry for the lack of pictures but today I spent an hour, after my soaps and during the laundry process re-planting my veggie garden - here it is in progress. I'll post a finished pic tomorrow. 

Remember I had planted this whole bed with started plants before I left to come home in November?  Well nothing took except about 5 beet plants, that's nothing I put in 40!  So it's back to square one.

 I bought 7 different seeds to test out the viability of growing them here.  Lettuce, carrots, peas, basil, cilantro, beans and zucchini. 

 I'm not looking for a crop but only to see how the seeds react to the temp, weather and soil here. Curiosity may have killed a cat but if it had been curious about less dangerous thing he would have had a full belly - LOL. 

Tomorrow we are planning on going to saint Augustine for the day with friends so maybe lots of pics to see tomorrow!! 

Take care. 

Monday, January 5, 2015

Dear Mark,

Wow, time has flown by, it's been a month already and the new year is here. 

Made it back to Florida safe and sound, maybe a little worse for ware considering we had a little 12 hr bug on the way down, and hopefully spared our hosts any unwelcome illness.  
But, luck would have it that we took turns feeling well enough to drive, but it sure was an adventure. 

Upon arrival we were greeted in the park by a lone turkey hen, she is quite comfortable gleaning the bugs and small lizards from all our homes - she is a beauty. 

New Year's Day brought a good washing of rain here so I guess it's a sign we will have a "shiney clean" year ahead. 

We are getting back into our routine here and I'm back to my "mail art". Love it, so pretty. 

Well in closing, yesterday we went to Casadaga to church and afterwards went for a walk. 
On our way to a park nearby, I saw this huge spider hanging between these trees in front of one of the homes. 

 I know it looks 5ft long - bad pic.  But it was about 5" and so creepy. 
 I could just imagine myself thrashing through the woods all hot and sticky and WHAM, walk right into this thing at face level!  Horror of horrors!
 That's what nightmares are made of. 

I will leave you with that thought, LOL