Thursday, January 29, 2015

Estate Day

Yup! First estate sale of the season and my was it a doozy!

It started at 8 o'clock and they were passing out numbers. 
 We did not get there until 11 o'clock and some people had been waiting since 10 o'clock!  It was hysterical I've never had to wait to get into a house to look at other people stuff before in my life ha ha!!

Here are our numbers. 

And they weren't 44. 

The line. 

Once we got inside it was worth it. 

A mother and daughter had lived in the house together the mother got married and the daughter and she decided they would just leave the stuff and move out, and have an estate sale. 

I felt a lot better after I learned the story. Because, at first glance it looked like the people had just up and died and I felt a little morbid going through their stuff ,but knowing they wanted us to made me feel much better!

They collected doll stuff - need I say more? 

Seriously a lot of collecting, but it will pay off for them to sell it.  They must have moved into a "Tiny House" to leave so much behind LOL. 

I did buy some nice things for our house, no doll stuff, I have enough of my own !!!

See yah. 

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  1. I just saw the cutest idea.....a metal lunch box, that is all pimped out to be a doll house when you open it up. for a tiny doll, of course.