Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Cozy Snow......

1971- Yup, that was the year we had the BIG thanksgiving snow storm. 
Where were you? 
 I was at home 11 yrs old, waiting for my aunt and uncle to come to thanksgiving dinner at our house. 
They had to drive from south argyle on rt 40 to our house in north argyle it might as well have been in Plattsburgh.  The roads were barely drivable, my father I think went and got them in the end or plowed them out. 
Good Memories...... 

I just love to cook during a snow storm! I made an awesome soup and we had it for a late lunch. 

Check out this cool craft I did tonight. 
I saw on pintrest that you can use recycle #6 plastic for shrinky dink material. 
Finally today I found  some (Charlie bought us a cannoli to share)  the container was #6 !!! 



350° on a piece of aluminum foil for a minute or two. 

A GREAT day !!! 

Monday, November 24, 2014

Dear Mark

 Here's a look at last week in my planner.  Busy and colorful! 

Saturday I spent the morrning going through my paper craft supplies, that was a big job.  The pic below is towards the end when there was hope in sight. 

That evening we went to a friends birthday party, it was so nice to see everyone, and share in the celebration. 

Sunday we watched the morrning show our Sunday tradition. No shower or quick movements till it is over. LOL 

Then off to deliver the turkey to Charlie's sister so it can continue to thaw at her place and be ready for the oven on "the day". 
When we got there she was down to the barn putting her babies out for fresh air and sunshine. She is very brave! Those horses are huge! She is great with them and loves the farm life. 

Back home for us and down for a "N**".  I didn't say it. 

All in all a wonderful weekend was enjoyed. 

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Throwback Thursday

Waaaaay back in August Charlie and I went to Weston Vermont to a play at the playhouse. 

It was a lovely day and we had a great time. Charlie really got into the mood. 

The play was Sonya, Vanya,  Marsha and Spike an Anton Ckeckov play. Very funny in a silly sad way.  But it had a great ending. I love dramas vs. musicals and this was perfect. 
An illegal peek at the set. Cameras are forbidden, but the tickets were a generous gift from my mother as an anniversary gift- I wanted her to see the opening set. 

Part of the fun of going is where it is located and how beautiful it is. 
The lounge waiting area overlooks a waterfall from an old grist mill and accross from that is a farmers field, with grazing cows and all. What could be more picturesque and Vermont like? 

We had a lovely sandwich after and drove home in lovely satisfaction of a day well spent.  Grey clouds and droplets could not dampen our day they actually made it cozy and perfect. 
Great memories. 

Wednesday, November 19, 2014


Just a couple pictures today from the home of a friend we visited.  
There were so many great rocks, wish I had taken more pictures to show you. 

This is a very large Quartz.  Bigger than my head! 

It was made into a lamp - reminds me of the moon.
 If I had it I would shut the lights off an gaze at it forever. 

This beautiful device is a kaleidoscope made out of rocks and glass. 

 Soooo pretty!

Rocks are wonderful. 

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Poles and Wire

Friends to the rescue. 

We spent a cold and blustery day up north in Adirondack, pulling out electric poles and wire. 
The tempature never got above 28° and a stiff wind with it to boot! 
I say we, mostly Charlie and his friends. After I piled a roll of wire I went and took pictures of me and a rock Charlie likes on the property. 

This was certinaly more of a job than we anticipated. Luckily the guys that came had lots of excitement over receiving the wire which sparked lots of muscle needed to remove it. 

The poles were so heavy we had to make two trips to transport them to the "resting place" luckily it wasn't too far. 

We were treated to a good late lunch at the Black Bear in Pottersville- Yes, a nice nap was in order after cold air and a warm meal. 

Looking accross Schroon Lake, the High Peaks have snow! 

By from the Freezer Zone. 

Monday, November 17, 2014

Dear Mark,

We sure did a lot this past weekend, well Charlie did.  

Saturday we went to the property and decided what to leave and what to take, packed it up and brought it home.  Charlie arraigned for a neighbor up there to clean out the contents of a garage on the property.  
I would have hatted for him to have to go through all the things that were in there and arrange for their disposal. 

We went home took a nap and ended the day by having an excellant dinner in Luzerne with a friend of ours. 

Sunday we went back up to the property and found that the man who was arranged to clean out the garage was ALL DONE!! Finished with the job!!! 
 I was so thankful and totally surprised.  Goodness I never would have thought it was possible so quickly!!! 

While we were there we meet the people that are buying the property. What a gift it was to meet and talk to them. 
They want to live there year around with their two teenage sons.  How cool is that?  

Ok, I have to say it - we went to Walmart for our weekly FIX!  Aahhh, it felt SOOO good. 

This pic is of the cart of a "coupon master" she had saved enough money couponing to put a down payment on a house. 
If you look close in the top of her cart you can see a HUGE binder - it has all her coupons organized in it.  
She even gave Charlie a coupon for our Jet dry $1. Off, how nice was that!

Take care,

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Home Again, Home Again, Jiggity Jig!

We had a wonderful safe trip driving back to Lake George from Florida. 

Here are some picks to share. 

After a wonderful night at some friends, enjoying their hostility.  We went to a bagel spot they had recomended before, and we were excited to go again.  
Charlie is a bagel buff and a good NY bagel is a joy to him. The restaurant did not fail to impress - it was Awesome! 

One of the. Views driving in Virginia - it should be called Top of the World!  On route 64. 

Awesome post card "Haul" at a truck stop no less!!!! 

And of course I couldn't resist knitting! I finished the pair of mittens, and only have thumbs to complete. 

For someone who complains about my driving, he seems to be resting pretty well- although maybe driving .....and taking pics would constute sketchy driving habits?

Well theres the highlights, 21 hours and a good time was had by all ! (Even sparkle).

Byfornow .......

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Planting & Faries

Yes! It stopped raining just in time for me to get those seedlings into the ground. I was so happy. 
I ended up putting in 55 beet plants and 40 kale plants. 
If even one quarter of them take off I will be happy.  
I had fantastic luck last year with seeds so let's see how sprouts do. If they don't catch I will crertinaly do seeds next year. 

It looks like nothing now but they are all there, so teeny tiny. 

Then, I finally dug out my little fairy garden things I had made a year ago. Some things are twig but most are sculpty clay, some are glazed some not.  
I put them out as an experiment to see what the weather does to them. When we get back in January I will know for sure. 

Well, so long from fairy land. 

Monday, November 10, 2014

Dear Mark,

Dear Mark, 

Monday again, where does the time go? 

We (Charlie) had to get up early on Saturday to work at the home owners association pancake breakfast. He needed to be there by seven and serve 8-10. I did not get there till 9, I figured that was an appropriate time. LOL For a Saturday. 

We also went to the flea market in Daytona out by the speedway and picked up some things for friends and ourselves. 

A we did find a great deal, it was a hand held oric vacuume cleaner. We have one at home and love it and thought one for here would be a good idea too. It was from a vacuume sales. Booth, the flea market is called by some Walmart on dirt LOL  Actually it's more like the commercial building at the county fair. 
But the vacuume was an awesome deal and the vendor was nice and helpful. 

I was also able to pick up arrow root for my homemade deorderent (2years of use) works great. And some pickling spice for the little crock to use as an air freshener. Charlie is allergic to most artificial scents. 

Sunday we went to Casadaga Sunday service and it was nice and relaxing ....chilled out for the rest of the day. 
I did have to touch base with my favorite store...Walmart, before the day's end. We needed the Sunday paper and bananas. A great ending to a wonderful weekend. 

Well Mark we will be home soon it will be nice to see you and your family.  But you will have to Waite till Monday's for a weekend recap. LOL 

Friday, November 7, 2014

Feels Like Home

I don't know what people did before Walmart when they were traveling, and became struck with a fierce case of homesickness. 
Not the sickness of missing family but "just knowing your way around town".  It's tiring always checking a map and still not knowing where things are. 
 Then when you get where your heading, it's not what your used to.   You can't get what you usually get or its not in the isle it's usually in UGH!!! 

Walmart to the rescue!  

Did you realize nearly all Walmart stores are identicle?  

Yes they are, I speak from actual experience. In New Mexico, Arizona, Texas, Arkansas, Georgia, get the point. 
 There is something so relaxing, comforting and stress relieving going into a Walmart a thousand miles from home - feels almost like your mother wrapping her arms around you a giving you a big hug!!! AAAHHHHH. 


Say what you want but I'm sure Walmart and all their many blue and white signs have saved many a weary traveler from mental collapse - 

YES !!!! I will say it : THANK GOD FOR WALMART. 

Hatters gonna hate but travelers will rejoice. 


Thursday, November 6, 2014

Mail Haul

Pic of the day: my mail haul from swap-bot, postcrossing and my Mom. 

It dosent get better than this. 

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Evening at the Beach

Im We had a long day today.  So I thought the perfect way to unwind would be to eat dinner on the beach and watch the sunset. 

We were not alone. 

I picked up a roasted chicken, broke it apart into a bowl. 
Chopped some red and green peppers and one cucumber. 
Picked up a small pack of Hawaiian rolls (4pk) spread some Amish butter on each and rewrapped them. 
Don't forget the 2 apples a canister of cold water, plates napkins and a wet wash towel - 
off we go !!!

Charlie had a good time feeding the seagulls the scraps. 

 What a perfect ending to a busy day. 

Hope your day ended just as nicely. 


Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Microwave Magic

Today's quick tip, for the not so fussy, hungry person. 

Remember last week I was craving pancakes? Well, I figured out how to have them with out the stink (I hate cooking smells) or mess. 

I broke down and bought Bisquick mix - no Boo-ing!  It's only me eating them so why waste ingredients.
I cut the recepie in half and mixed it up in a small storage bowl.  Scooped some of the batter into 3 little silver dollar size pancakes on a regular dinner plate, put it in the microwave for approximately 2 minutes and Presto!!!!  Craving cured.  

Now mind you these do not get golden brown and super fluffy, but on the end of your fork with syrup and butter you never know the difference. 

Wish I had taken more pics.  But here is a half eaten plate of them. 

And the best part you just put a cover on the mixing bowl and slip it in the fridge for the next time. 

One last note here is my mail haul today ! 

Pancakes AND mail!!!   

I must have been pretty good!!!! 

See you tomorrow. 

Monday, November 3, 2014

Dear Mark,

Yup Mark, another wonderful weekend gone but enjoyed.  

Well, one more day and the TV stations will have to go back to selling us stuff, instead of confusing and overloading our minds with which politicians are honest or not - yup, only Santa knows that. 

We got a lot done or should I say we did a lot.  Saturday while at a drive through we watched this tall white bird do its thing, which turned out to be eating my beloved lizards, whole, I might add: what a terrible horrible death! I hate to think of it. 

We went back to the hospice thrift store in New Symerna.  We went the day before we did not get to look around because it was closing , so today was a Lonnnng brouse. 
I did get this one treasure the day before at the last minute - a 50$ Filofax planner for 4$ like new!  I have been tracking them on eBay and Amazon, I was so excited at the find. 

On Sunday HA HA !   Both of us  got up early forgetting that the time went back!  And to think we discussed it the night before.  So as you can imagine it threw us off all day. 

When I got home I worked on a post card swap that I wanted to send Monday. 
The challenge was to pick out or make a post card that clearly displayed something representing the letter Y.  I was excited but soon realized I could not send it naked (not in an envelope) as the rules stated, so I messaged the receiving person (in British Columbia) and asked if that was ok - she was sweet and said it was fine. 

Hey, Mark I have to show you this one thing I got at the thrift store- a vintage egg slicer. What a great idea and it works like butter! Makes chopping eggs so much easier for egg salad sandwiches!  Now that's American ingenuity!  

Well Mark that about covers it and Yes there was the allotted nap time each day - oh yah! 

Take care and see you next Monday.