Tuesday, June 10, 2014

A Walk In The City

I really enjoy walking in Glens Falls, you can go forever it's so flat.  

Yes, it does sound like Florida, Yes! 

One of the nice things about walking there other than the flat terrain is the wide variety of homes and yards, although I am particularly drawn to the older homes that have interesting plantings. 

I didn't take to many pics today but you get the idea. 

These roses are outstanding for so early in the season. 

Isn't this a cozy side yard?  I can picture a quiet little picnic on a colorful quilt, homemade sandwiches, lemonade in real glasses and big fudgy brownies on cloth napkins. MMMMM... 

Yes, I'm letting my imagination run wild, why not?  Creating imaginary beauty is good  for the spirit. 
My spirit is very good......at imagining.


Monday, June 9, 2014

To Market To Market

Remember the nursery rhyme....to market to market, to buy a fat pig? 

Well we weren't going to buy a fat pig or a skinny pig for that matter, but you probably could have if you had needed one. 

The Fresh Market, yup that's where we were.  A new food store in Saratoga at the corner of Rt 50 and Rt 9.  

 They have all sorts of specialty items you might need for that extra special recipe you've always wanted to whip up for your dinner party or Bar-B-Q!   My Gosh! They really do have a nice variety of speciality items. 

We picked up a package of sushi made right on the premises, with brown rice, Yummy! 

Charlie a true Long Island boy, fell in love with a salami sandwich, he ordered it and we continued to brouse around.  

As we strolled we noshed, a few more times around the store and we would have to cancel the sandwich, LOL 

Oh yah! That's what I like Jars and Candy!  My gosh they had all sorts of quality candy.  Seriously, can you believe I did not buy ANY. 

Well the sandwich was ready so we decided to eat it there, they have tables outside and in the foyer.  I must say it was really good and only $5.99.  That appeals to my cheepiness.  

And fun was had by all.......


Saturday, June 7, 2014

...Takin The Trolly Into Town.......

Beautiful sunny day, too many motorcycles and noise up here in Lake George.   Perfect day to get out of Dodge and explore mass transit Adirondack style. 

What a fancy ride!  One dollar will get you into town, about eight miles away, it's like your own private driver. 

Clean and comfortable only two of us going into Glens Falls.  Until I saw this picture I did not know there was air conditioning, yea! For cold air when it's too hot.  Boo, for me not being more observant. 

This was one of my destinations, nothing like strolling through a farmers market on a Saturday morrning.  There were a lot of people out, and a lot of interesting vendors and products.

Speaking of interesting... Here are Hal and Joyce Davis. They run a beefalo operation in argyle called Lick Springs Beefalo, and their beefalo are all grass fed and "happy".

The interesting part is they started farming with the cattle at retirement age after their children had left home. Wow, to have that kind of energy, and they don't look a day older than they did twenty years ago.  
Maybe I should get some cattle- NO! Scratch that, I have a rabbit potty pan that needs dumping and that's ENOUGH.  But it sure feels so good to see such sweet people and know they are your friends- all they way from childhood many moons ago. 

Theres my next stop the Crandall library, home away from home.  I love libraries, so quiet and cozy.  Actually, to me it seems like you are shopping but not having to pay any money.  
When my children were growing up we went to the library every week, it was a staple in our routine, so of course I do have lots of good feelings about the library. 

I ran into a friend or I should say she spotted me, what a wonderful surprise.  It's so nice when someone sees you and comes up and says hello, she is thoughtful like that. 

Time to go home, it was a full Trolly going back to Lake George.  I just love seeing all the different people that ride the bus, and take in the conversations that go on around me; I felt like Harriet the Spy. 

As you can see there are plenty of motorcycles to greet us as we pull back into town.  It sure was good to get away for awhile. 

Bye.... What? ......... I couldn't hear you.......VROOM...VROOM.....

Friday, June 6, 2014

Motorcycle Mania

If you didn't know where you were you would think you were at the airport from the sound of it.  There are so many motorcycles here in Lake George that the rumble is a constant sound.  WOW! 

Tonight my daughter Victoire wanted to come up to see the bikes.  So, we invited her for dinner, she had gone to the movies with a friend earlier so we were right on the way.  

We walked up and down both sides of the main st, what a collection of bikes.  There was everything from models right off the showroom floor to customized chopped up versions that barely looked like motorcycles.  I wish I had taken pics but I was clearly overwhelmed. 

Looking at this pic you can just imagine the noise level !  EEK!!!  I truly enjoy looking at all the bikes but maybe  a pair of earplugs would make it more comfortable, yes, I'm getting to be an "old fart". LOL

Phew! What a bunch of bikes!   If you are close by come check them out.  

If you are like me there is always the lake it is beautiful and depending where you sit it can even be quiet and peaceful, even with all the bikes. 

Now that's what I love to really look at here! 


Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Getting Stuff Done

Wow!  Sorry I've been gone so long.  We had company for a couple of days and then I was trying to get things done outside, which I'm still behind on. 

I finally got the tomatoes in that we bought a couple of weeks ago. I planted them deep with LOTS of compost around their feet to ensure they will get big and strong. 

Yes, I admit it is a little haphazard and busy growing in amongst the milkweeds.  But, I am declaring this the summer of the milkweed. 

Wherever one starts to grow if it is within the parameters of a garden it can keep growing. So, yes they are all haphazard and Willy Nilly all over.  But it's in tribute to the dieing Monarch butterfly population.  Even if none fly this way.  When anyone sees these plants they may contemplate how mans giant footprint is driving even the smallest creatures from this planet.  

I have a flower bed along the edge of our driveway that I used to plant with corn but the grey squirls would attack it and make it very ugly.  So, now I have cosmos (the tall variety) growing and for the last two years they have reseeded themselves - thank you very much! 

The end of this area too has numerous milkweed growing in it also.
From the bottom of pic to the milkweed clump is all volunteer cosmos! They grow faster than the weeds, as long as no hurricans pass buy when they are taller they make a beautiful hedge. 

Got to run, but remember if you can allow a few milkweed plants grow at your home it would be a thoughtful tribute to a small harmless creature that is dieing out as we expand. 

Bye ....