Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Knit Crazy

Big news!! I saved $7.00 at JoAnns today.  

They had a flyer with four 50% off coupons, but the best part was they let you use them all at the same checkout! That's a first. I was so happy.  I didn't get that much but it was all much cheaper. 

Silly me had bought sock yarn last week for my next pair of socks, but after starting them read the package and learned I needs 2 balls for a pair UGH. So that's what I was after. 

What do you think of my new creation ?  I always see the yarn bowls made by the potters and drool over them with thoughts of how smartly they keep your yarn off the floor.  So I decided to make something like it.  

I used  sculpty clay, wire and card stock for this proto type.  And it WORKS!  I can even swap out differnt size bowls depending on the yarn I'm using. I'm tickled it works and was no cost to me. 

Here it is in use with a bigger bowl because I needed double balls.  You can see my strand looping away from the holder to my work. 

And here's my work - Yes, I'm very sock crazy.  When you learn to do something that you allways thought was beyond your ability you have a tendency to run amuck doing it over and over LOL. 

Well I'm clickety clacking away here on my socks. So. 


Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Then & Now

Just a quick look at how the garden is doing. 


The raised bed is thriving also either from the sun and rain or the cat not bring able to use it for a private potty spot!  I put chicken wire over it to keep the cats out. 
Either way it's going gang busters now!


After!  2 weeks! 


Monday, July 14, 2014

Opposites Attract

Our ongoing project this summer is the floor in the dinning room living room area.  We took up the carpet in the dinning room half and have been pecking at the dark stains that are there from a mysterious orgin.

  When Charlie moved into the house about ten years ago his father gave him a Burber area carpet for the whole room as a house warming gift. So it saved money on refinishing and looked great. And It was a great rug but was now getting old. And Charlie can't remember if the black spots were there when he put the carpet down or not.  So a mystery is born. 

The reason it sorta matters what the spots are from is, if we knew what they actually were it might be easier getting them off.  But, then where would the fun be? 

The space seems bigger without the carpet. 

Here are the black mystery spots (with hydrogen peroxide on them). 
We have already tried wood cleaner, Clorox , steel wool and vinegar.  These are very determined spots. 

Here's Charlie with his q-tip and Hydrogen peroxide.  He had been working feverishly with a toothbrush scrubbing the spots for a good half hour.  

What was I doing you ask, I was sitting on the couch knitting, I'm the person that had used all the other products and invested a whole evening employing much elbow grease of my own against the spots to no avail,  so I decided the spots won and could stay for all I cared. LOL

SOOOO.... When elbow grease fails -- pull out the HE MAN TOOLS !   Really only a man would think of this.  He stuck one of those green dish scrubbing pads on the bottem of his sander and went to town! 

Well,  I must say brute force faded those spots considerlby, but now I suppose we will have to do the whole floor.  
Oh My, I would love to help him but I'm going to be out of the house for awhile helping a family member, sorry honey. 

When Charlie gets it in his head about doing something it gets done - Me I find a way to see the problem in the positive, like "the spots give the floor character" and move on to easier things.  

Opposites attract. XOXO

Bye for now. 

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Back....,,, No Longer Missing

Here I am again, sorry for the absence of posts.  I have been to tea with the Mad Hatter and things got a little out of hand, as you can see from the picture. 

When not partaking of tea these are a few things that kept me away from the blog. 

I succesfully knit two pair of socks on double pointed needles, a summer goal, check that one off!

My little sister from BBBS graduated high school and enrolled in college for the fall. 
I'm very proud of her.  We have been together since she started second grade. 

I walked around lake George on the Fourth of July and felt like a true tourist. 

I made a few rhubarb pies from my luscious patch of rhubarb that I planted a couple years ago. They were from plants some friends gave me.  I'm so proud of my rhubarb. 

I've become addicted to traditional English paper piecing with hexies.  I have piles and piles of them !  

PHEW!   So you can see I was not totally slacking off for a whole month LOL. 

I will challenge myself to stay regular, maybe I will make it a goal ?? 

 Bye. .....